You may have received letters from the Company with regard to backflow prevention assembly testing for your irrigation system. The Company continues to implement our cross-connection control program. These actions are in response to the Washington Department of Health (DOH) regulations requiring public water systems to develop and implement a cross-connection control program to protect the public water system’s distribution system from possible contamination that might occur within any given property.

cross-connection-controlThe program seeks to reduce the risk of possible contamination into the water system due to water system pressure loss or the presence of a greater pressure on the customer side of the water meter. These risks are reduced by the installation and annual testing of DOH approved backflow prevention assemblies that use a combination of multiple spring loaded check valves to prevent possible backflow. The Company’s program assesses risks; with prioritization based on the potential health hazard should a backflow occur. The Company is required to annually complete and submit to DOH a report on the progress and results of the cross-connection control program.

For more information about cross connection control click on the below links or contact your
Water Manager at 206-764-3345.

**List of approved backflow prevention assemblies:
**WA state cross connection laws:
**List of Backflow Testers:

Note: We accept any Backflow Test Report Form from any company as long as it is dated and legible.