2022 CCR Reports

Blue Rock Water has posted the 2022 Consumer Confidence Reports for 2021 activity on the website as of July 1, 2022.


In 2021, Blue Rock Water received Department of Health approval for its Cherry Creek manganese filtration project. The project is currently under cost and bid analysis. When completed, the system will actively filter manganese from the water supply reducing the need to flush the system throughout the year a key factor to water conservation.

Line Extensions

Last year, Blue Rock Water initiated two-line extension projects one for Sunny Hills to complete the Phase II extension bringing water to 25 undeveloped properties at the request of parcel owners. When complete, the Fragaria line extension will provide water service for the very first time to nine residences that previously relied on wells and springs, and were often presented with taste, discoloration, and water volume issues. The Department of Health has approved these projects and they are currently out to bid with contractors. Updates will be forthcoming.

New Meter Installations

Blue Rock Water is updating outdated, manually read water meters to new, wireless-read technology. These smart meters support efficiencies in our water systems.

We replaced nearly 700 residential meters over the last two years. We will continue in Snohomish County this spring. You will be notified when we expect to be in your neighborhood.

There will be no rate increases or surcharges because of this project. It might even help you reduce your water consumption and save money.