Water Quality Reports, also known as Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR), are available for each of the water systems we serve, in PDF format.

A CCR is a brief report about the quality of water that comes from your water system.  It informs you about what we do to provide you safe drinking water, includes a summary of the water system data we collect throughout the year to ensure the quality of your water, and provides you with information on compliance, source water, as well as some required educational information.

State and federal drinking water rules require all Group A water systems to provide their customers with a Consumer Confidence Report annually by July 1.  Group A Transient Non-Community (TNC) and Group B water systems do not fall under this regulation.

To learn more about Consumer Confidence Reports and the rules governing those reports you can visit the following websites:

Environmental Protection Agency

Washington State Department of Health

To see a report for your area click on the link below.

Areas Consumer Confidence Reports
85 Acres 2019
Alderlake 2019
Cascade 2019
Cherry Creek 2019
Cliftonwood 2019
Fragaria Landing 2019
Hunt I & II 2019
Hunt III 2019
Marbello 2019
Marysville 2019
Northwest 2019
Parkwood 2019
Skyview 2019
Stavis I 2019
Stilliridge 2019
Suddenview 2019
Sunland Shores 2019
Sunnyhill 2019
Sunwood Graham 2019
Tala Point 2019
Vista Glen 2019